Barna i 2. klasse er små prinser

Once again this year, the students of Madame Moberg participated in the humanitarian project, « The Little Princes 2018 ». They took part in 3 engaging academic projects: Pictures, Songs and Writing. 

The students in CE1 took part in the adventure by allowing the nomadic children living in Mhamid Ghislaine in Morocco to discover some aspects of their life in Norway.   

Children from several different age groups participated in the projects

The children were very keen to share an understanding of their way of life when taking part in the 3 projects. This adventure is also a story of friendship between children who are separated by culture and distance yet share a feeling of peace and friendship.  

  • Workshop 1 – Taking pictures; when thinking of the main differences between Norway and Morocco, the children decided to show their daily life and illustrate it by taking pictures of activities linked to snow. 
  • Workshop 2 – singing: they have learnt 2 different songs to present Norwegian nature and fruits. 
  • Workshop 3 – writing;  the children have invented, written and illustrated two fairy tales that will be translated by Ahmed, one of the main project leader. 

All these projects have been presented to Laurent Fournier’s students. The rushes have been sent to « Cinéastes sans frontières » who have made an excellent documentary  « Les Petits Princes » in 2017 :