La Pasalera del LFO – Fashion show


“La Pasarela del LFO” is a creation project presented in Spanish in 3rd year class.

After working on the vocabulary of clothes, expressions to give one’s opinion, physical description and other related points (lexical, grammatical and cultural), our Spanish students carried out a project to create mini-fashion houses presenting different models with a fashion show taking place at Vulkan.

We were able to appreciate the paintings of Carreño, (Cuban painter) on a white dress in recycled fabric; a skirt inspired by colors of those of Frida Kahlo as well as a hat with ingredients from Mexican tacos, and so many other examples.

All the “houses” had to take inspiration in the hispanic world.

Well done to all the students for their creations and for their high level Spanish presentation!

(Ms. Smedsgård and Ms. Chevalier)