Preschool - LFO Maternelle AS

Located in central Oslo, close to the Royal Palace where the children often enjoy walking in the gardens, the French preschool LFO Maternelle AS is open to every child from Oslo and its surrounding area. 
Our dedicated teachers nurture their development in a wide range of creative ways, reinforcing oral and physical skills. Days at the preschool are a blend of free play and structured activity.

All language backgrounds are welcome

The French preschool accepts children of all language backgrounds from 3 years old. With more than 50 nationalities represented in the school, children are immersed in a multicultural environment

It is not necessary to speak French to come to our preschool.

Teaching methods

Our teaching methods combine the best of Norwegian and French preschool practices and traditions.

Our children learn easily through nurture & play. They receive a fun and engaging education and develop their natural capacity to feel, act, speak, imagine and discover the world.

Parents can follow the progress of their children through a personalized feedback.

Children can then choose to continue their education in a French, Norwegian or international school.

Highly qualified teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and speak French, and Norwegian or English.

Educational programs are carefully designed to take full advantage of the vast learning capabilities of young developing minds. The preschool is licensed under the supervision of both French and Norwegian governments.

The tuition fees are similar to other barnehage.