The French School in Oslo is an international school open to all the students. Our school welcomes students aged from 3 to 18 whether they speak French or not.
Located in central Oslo, the French School has a unique and multicultural environment. Every day, more than 600 students from 50 different countries develop in harmony together. They learn diversity and foreign languages.
Teaching methods in accordance with the French educational system with some Norwegian adaptations

The French School of Oslo provides education in accordance with the programs of the French National Education. Due to its cultural and geographical specificities, the school has also integrated accommodation into its programs. Emphasis is given to mastering several languages ​​and to various artistic, cultural, linguistic and even scientific projects. Individual or group experiences allow each student to build a path and profile for the future.

The school is recognized in Norway under Chapter 2-23 of the Education Act (Opplæringsloven § 2-12).
A center of excellence with a focus on well-being

The school achieves outstanding results both nationally and internationally. These results are aided by the quality of its teaching methods for all ages and the small class size. The French School also proposes a wide variety of sports, extra-curricular activities and school outings and trips with experienced teachers. This broad range of physical and cultural activities fosters fulfillment and well-being among all students.

A unique school part of an international network

Created in 1961, the school is accredited by both the French and Norwegian governments, enabling students to continue their education in Norway, France or worldwide. The French School in Oslo is a part of an international system of 492 schools in 140 countries around the world called AEFE.

Nos valeurs

Building on its values ​​of diversity, tolerance, creativity, respect and secularism, the school strives to inspire each student to seek out and meet academic and personal challenges.

School project for Lycée français d'Oslo

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