A word from the management



The French school in Oslo is spread over 2 sites. Primary school students and middle school students from 6e to 4e visit the historic site of Skovveien, west of Oslo, in the heart of the Frogner district, halfway between the Royal Palace and the Park Vigeland. Middle and high school students go to Vulkan, in the Grünerløkka district, a district with innovative and ecological architecture.

Our establishment is part of the global network of the AEFE which educates in 2022, this year, 566 schools, colleges and high schools established outside France, in 138 countries which offer education in accordance with the requirements of the programs of the French National Education. . These approved establishments carry humanist values ​​and allow students to follow an education without interruption, from kindergarten to the baccalaureate. Strengthened by their membership in a dynamic, attractive and open international network, they offer particularly enriching training, teaching in French respecting national education programs, in a multilingual context, open to the realities of the host country and attentive to our international environment.

The start of the school year at the French School of Oslo is under the sign of renewal with the arrival of a new team made up of Mrs. Muriel SERRA, primary school director, Mr. Knut SØRLIE, executive director and the principal Karine RICHARD BRUN.

I have been a management staff for 15 years, a body that I joined after a first career as an English teacher in college, high school, IUT. I served in the Ministry of National Education as head of school, principal and then principal.

Subsequently, seconded to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, I took on the duties of principal of the military school in Aix-en-Provence. It is now with great pleasure that I take over the management of the LFO and join the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Referent of the Var Defense Cadets system, citizen reserve commander, academic trainer in crisis management, auditor of the 213th session in the region of the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale), I now wish to bring my expertise and my professional commitment to the high school community.

Our start of the 2022 school year is characterized by a return to normal for our students, their parents and our teams, thus making it possible to reconnect with collective and unifying projects. It is a relief for the entire educational community and the beginning of a new dynamic that the Management will support with determination and ambition.

Our objectives are always those of academic and behavioral excellence, the development of the intellectual and linguistic capacities of our students, but also their ability to work in collaboration, to innovate, to understand the issues of the contemporary world with a fresh but always bearing in mind the ethical issues of their future conduct and responsibilities.

Openness to other contemporary cultures, humanist values ​​and citizenship education, artistic and cultural education, sports practice, development of scientific and experimental skills, education for sustainable development (E3D label acquired),

the promotion of multilingualism are an integral part of the identity of our establishment.

This year will be an opportunity to engage our community in a shared approach, the 2022-2025 establishment project. Developed with all the representatives of the educational community (teachers, school life staff, medico-social service, administrative staff, students, parents of students, partners of the management board, management), it will express our collective will and ensure consistency of its actions with its values, with the added value provided by the Norwegian context of our establishment.

Thanks to the investment of its collective, the René Cassin high school enjoys an excellent reputation, corroborated by excellent exam results and by the quality of the pursuit of studies.

I therefore renew my wishes of success to our students and our staff and assure you of the will of each of us to accomplish our missions with rigor and kindness in order to serve the young people entrusted to us.

Muriel Serra

Primary school director

Dear students,

Dear parents,

It is with joy that I take on the role of director of the primary level of the René Cassin French school with a competent and committed teaching team.

School teacher, master trainer and pedagogical adviser, having exercised the functions of Director in French High Schools of the AEFE and MLF network, I have always committed myself with determination, will and conviction in the missions entrusted to me, in contexts and varied environments.

Our primary school has more than 400 pupils from the “Petite Section” to “CM2” The establishment, directed by Mrs. Karine Richard-Brun, the Principal, welcomes children of all nationalities.

This asset makes it possible to build the “living together” spirit necessary to effectively receive an education in accordance with the programs and requirements of the French 

National Education as well as a multilingual education in a multicultural context favoring openness to the host country.

The recipe for success at the French School of Oslo lies in the harmony of the essential elements of education: a team driven by solid values, a framework that integrates rigor and respect, proud, competent and motivated teachers, concerned about success of all their students. Our institution’s mission is to provide quality education while placing the utmost importance on respect, mutual aid and openness.

On a daily basis, it carries out an educational project based on the values ​​of excellence, respect for others and personal development.

I want this school to be ever more welcoming and benevolent while promising everyone to find their rightful place. To do this, it is everyone’s responsibility and attention.

Each in their own way and in the respect of their role, teachers, parents and students, participate in making our school a place where it is good to live together and learn.

I wish everyone an excellent 2022-2023 school year.