Middle and High School

Our teaching methods combine the best of Norwegian and French practices and traditions. The school environment is not only stimulating but also focuses on well-being, foreign cultures and languages.

Our students acquire in depth knowledge to become active future citizen of the world.

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The teaching of foreign languages

The ability to learn several languages and understand a broad range of cultures is at the heart of our educational approach. Our students are immersed in the Norwegian environment from the preschool.

Students also learn English from CE2 (equivalent to 3d grade). The school broadens its academic offer thanks to workshops and activities both in Norwegian and English. Among them, one prepares the students to succeed to the Cambridge exams CFE (First Certificate English) and CAE (Cambridge Advanced English). In 5eme (equivalent to 7th grade), the students are learning a third language 2h30 every week. They can choose between German and Spanish.

A broad range of physical and cultural activities

The French School also offers various sports, school trips and extra-curricular activities, including homework assistance.

This broad range of physical and cultural activities fosters fulfillment and well-being for all pupils. They are led by experienced teachers and are open to

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