Preschool application procedure

Before the 1st of mars 2023 for a place for the beginning of school 2023-2024

ATTENTION : For registration to the preschool, the municipality of Oslo requires that you ALSO register your child in their system.
2 applications must therefore be filled: one on our dedicated website (step 1), the other on the municipality website (step 2), whether you reside in Oslo or not.

Step 1

Fill the application in our system

Step 2

Fill the application for preschool on the municipality’s “Barnehage” portal by the 1st of march if you are seeking a place for the schoolyear beginning in August 2020.

 There are two options on application on the municipality’s site depending on whether the children and their parents have a Norwegian ID number (fødselsnummer/personnummer) or not.
  1. Child and 1 parent having a Norwegian number (11 numbers) or a temporary number (D-nummer)

    They have the OBLIGATION to be registered online on the municipality website. For the initial demand, you don’t have to be log in and you just have to register names and Norwegian numbers or fictive numbers (at least 1 parent and 1 child) in the online formula. You need a valid mail address and a cellphone number, even if this is a foreign (note the 00 + country code).

    Only the subsequent modifications (autorises to the 1st of march), consultation, validation or rejection of a place need a connection (for example with the help of the small bank calculator – BankID- or avec with the codes sent by Altinn in form of -MinID- letters, or on your cellphone)

  2. Child without Norwegian number (most frequent case if you come from outside Norway)
    Download the temporary number file (filled with 1 parent and a child) and send it to the school mail address :
    – The school will ask for you “fictives” numbers to the Oslo municipality and we will communicate to you the information by mail. This numbers are only for preschool/barnehage registration.
  3. You will be allowed to proceed to your child registration as it was explain on 1 : Child and 1 parent having a Norwegian number (11 numbers) or a temporary number (D-nummer