Preschool place application procedure

Before 1 March 2023 for a place at the start of the 2023-2024 school year

PLEASE NOTE: For preschool, the Oslo local authority also requires your child to be registered in its own system.

2 requests MUST therefore be completed:

Step 1

Fill in the request form in our system.

Step 2

Fill in the application form on the commune website

There are two cases, depending on whether or not your child and his/her parents have a Norwegian number (fødselsnummer/personnummer).

They MUST therefore be registered online on the commune’s website.

  1. For the initial application, you do not need to be logged in and simply enter Norwegian names and numbers or fictitious numbers (at least 1 parent and 1 child) in the online form. You also need a valid e-mail address and a mobile phone number, even a foreign one (note the 00 + country code).
  2. Only subsequent modifications (authorised until 1 March), consultation, acceptance or refusal of a place require a connection (for example using the small bank calculator -BankID- or with the codes sent by Altinn in the form of a letter -MinID-, or your mobile phone).

The deadline for enrolment in kindergarten is set by the Oslo local authority on 1 March, but we accept pupils throughout the year. If the date of your arrival in Norway does not correspond to the school calendar, please contact us for details of enrolment outside the school calendar.

  • Child who does not have a Norwegian number (most common case if you come from outside Norway)
    Thanks to download the temporary nommer file (fill in one (1) parent and the child) and return it to the school by e-mail:
  1. The school will request “fictitious” numbers from the Oslo municipality and will send them to you by e-mail. These numbers are only used for nursery/barnehage registration.
  2. You can then register your child as explained in 1: “Children with a Norwegian number (11 digits) or a temporary number (D-nummer)”.