Information for families

The French school in Oslo is subject to both Norwegian and French safety laws and regulations. Also, we organize security drills regularly throughout the year.

3 types of exercises take place:
  • Fire drill / twice a year, September and April
  • Containment exercise / once a year in October
  • Intrusion exercise / once a year in January

The fire drill involves evacuating buildings to regroup in the planned areas of Oscar Gate and Behrens gate to allow firefighters to intervene.

Containment concerns major events that take place outside the high school and allows the school community to take shelter.


It can be an accident, pollution, meteorological event, etc … Either the alert is launched by the municipality of Oslo, or the French Embassy asks us to confine ourselves in relation to a threat from the French community.


The intrusion alert is given if a major threat is identified within the establishment (attack, threatening intrusion, student, staff or parent threatening the safety of the school community).

For these 3 exercises, there are 3 different sound alerts, audible within the establishment:

  • The fire bell is loud, shrill or continuous
  • The containment alert is the national signal and if it is internal to the LFO or in the event of an exercise, it is accompanied by a voice message “this is a containment alert, please join your containment zone”, followed by the same message in Norwegian.
  • The intrusion alert is a police alarm type alert that is accompanied by a voice message “Please note this is an intrusion alert”, followed by the same message in Norwegian.

The pupils are trained from the start of these different exercises and we have a precise protocol with instructions for pupils and staff, as well as a crisis unit which is set up in conjunction with the Norwegian embassy and authorities.

All the exercises are an opportunity to reassure the students, and the teachers are very concerned about the well-being of the students at all times of the process.

A security committee is also set up every year within the framework of the Establishment Council.

Please send your questions to the parent representatives at

Instructions for parents in case of an alert

  • Recognize the warning signal

Signal emitted by sirens or other means of alerting populations :

  • The national signal in Norway is the same as in France
  • 3 alert cycles (rising and falling)
  • Each cycle lasts 1 minute 41 seconds,
  • A 5 second silence separates each cycle.
  • Do not go to the scene of the disaster. You would run into danger.
  • Take shelter
  • Listen to radio.

You can listen to radio and television announcements from official local authorities broadcast on:

  • NRK1 (digital)
  • Follow the instructions of the authorities

You hear the national alert signal or if you are near the establishment at the time and you hear one of the 3 alarms.

  • Do not pick up your child at school
  • so as not to expose it, nor to expose yourself.

  • A special student safety plan (PPMS) has been planned in his establishment.

  • Don’t make a call – don’t share on social networks.
  • Don’t clutter up telephone networks.
  • Take into account only the informations coming from local authorities, the diplomatic post and the establishment.
  • Don’t share this informations on social networks.

The establishment will contact you as soon as possible via conventional ways to give you the informations and instructions.