Call for support for the students in the public schools of Beyrouth

The Solidarité Laïque / Secular Solidarity collective, the Mission Laïque Française/Secular French Mission (MLF), the French agency for French teaching abroad (AEFE), the French-libanese association for education and culture (AFLEC) and the association for the old students from the French schools of the world (union-ALFM) are mobilising to support the public schools of Lebanon due to the ravages after the explosion of Beyrouth on the 4th of August.

The goal of the mobilisation is to help and give possibilities to 20 000 kids between 6 and 11 years old to return to public schools and support them, the majority of them coming from poor families. We can help them having school supplies, sanitary kits and bags.

To know more about it, a press release is available here.

You can also make a donation.

If you also like the French and Libanon culture, and if you want to show your support to the people of Beyrouth and sharing a linguistic and cultural moment, an event will be hold in Oslo soon.

The 20th of November, between 11am and 1pm, the French lebanese-norwegian artist Léa Nasnas Chami, parent in the LFO, invite you to discover the Lebanese culture, Lebanon, the frenchbanese (lebanese of the French languageà and support the different actions to reconstruct Beyrouth.

You will be able to discover her creations and obtain them, 40% of the selling will be donated to the Lebanese Red-Cross.

© Léa Nasnas Chami