Interview of Ronika, LFO’s tennis champion

Did you know that among our talented students, there is also a tennis champion? 
Interview with Ronika, a student in 7th grade, whose future looks very promising.

At what age did you start playing tennis?
When I was 3, it was my first sport and I haven’t stopped since.
Where did you discover tennis?
I was still at the barnehage, and it was my father, who is a tennis coach, who introduced me to it.

What’s your club?

When did you start competing?

When I was 5, I played in children’s matches for training, and then at 8 I was able to start official competitions.

Which competitions are you most proud of?
Last year, I won the Norgesmester, the Norwegian Cup [organized by Casper Ruud], in the 12-year-old category! It was a tough competition, with 128 competitors. In the “usual” competitions, there are 32 competitors.

So you were champion of Norway last year! Congratulations! Any future projects?

Yes, I’ve got the Norges Cup Junior this weekend, from Friday to Sunday I’ll be competing against 63 other competitors from the Oslo area.

Would you like to be a professional tennis player?

Yes, I’d really like to. I’m going to devote myself more and more to tennis and go to a school specializing in the sport next year, so I can better organize my training.

How many times a week do you train?

It depends, usually 6 days, or even 7 days if there’s a competition in the weekend, but I still manage to free myself up sometimes to see my friends!

Thank you Ronika for taking the time for this interview, and the LFO wishes you all the best for your athletic future!