Training of the 2022 eco-delegates

September 29th was training day for eco-delegates from the LFO, college and high school!

For this new school year, the work was carried out around 4 axes, inheriting the principles and knowledge acquired during our first year of work on the subject.

  1. What is sustainable development for me?
  2. What is it to be an eco-delegate?
  3. What motivates me?
  4. What is the project approach that we are going to carry out?
Sustainable development

The work in middle school was done with a sentence to reconstruct, around which we discussed; in high school, bringing his own words and reflecting around a slate.

The definition was able to broaden the purely “environmental” view to encompass the social and economic aspects of SD.


In what came up most often with our students on the factor motivating them on the project are “Helping the planet”, “being with friends”, “doing new things” or “knowing other students”.

Most of our students have clear ideas on the subject despite a hint of hesitation in some.

Eco-Delegates role

With the step forward game, students had to choose whether certain statements applied to the role of an eco-delegate.

Sometimes it’s not easy to make the choice without being influenced by others! The discussions were very fruitful, between definitions, examples and the ability to explain themselves.

Is an ecoD an environmental policeman? A representative of the LFO? A force of proposal? The one who cleans the yard? Who cleans it anyway? How to be a driving force when you have no project ideas ?

Project approach

When you have an idea, how do you make it a reality?

On this postulate, a reflection was made on the words “diagnosis”, “steering”, “evaluate”, “action plan”.

From the evaluation of the current situation to the evaluation of what worked or not last year, through the establishment of a calendar, all the steps that must be thought of to see a project come to fruition and succeed have been processed.

The link between diagnosis and assessment is very important.

Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals

Our students were all mixed in the Vulkan home to attend a presentation of the sustainable development goals, before being brought together in groups of 3 people (Middle and High School mixed), each group studying 1 SDG (sustainable development goal) before representing it in 1 minute to the other groups.

A deepening was made on the very definition of sustainable development, what does or does not belong to it, etc. At the end of the morning, a quiz closed the morning and showed by convincing results that the pupils already know the subject well.

The afternoon was reserved for the preparation of the year’s projects and the creation of the calendar. But we will have many other opportunities to tell you about it very soon 🙂
Thanks to Frederique Houseaux, Tsilla Boisselet and Sandra Rodot for preparing this day and thanks also to Mr. Cardot and school life for helping with the coaching !