A look back at the Coope 24

The COOPE 24, an international project co-financed by Erasmus+, was held last week at the LFO, in continuation of our students’ civic and environmental commitment.

A project in line with the program

In November, in parallel with COP28, the Terminales deepened their scientific knowledge by creating the Fresque du Climat, exploring the complexity of the climate system. Prior to this, they enjoyed an inspiring discussion with economist Eloi Laurent on the current crises and the levers for action. In addition, Ingeborg Kværne, coordinator at ICORN Norway, raised the Terminales’ awareness of censorship, freedom of expression, and discussed the work of the international organization PEN, highlighting the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Narges Mohammadi.

A few weeks later, LFO student Noor Merheb interviewed Narges Mohammadi’s daughter just before the Nobel Prize ceremony. This week, the eco-delegates from the three countries had the opportunity to visit the Nobel Prize Center.

Day 1: sustainable development and comics

The Coope kicked off with the arrival in Oslo of eco-delegates from the Lycées Français de Stockholm and Copenhagen.

They got off to a great start with a talk by comic strip author Jul.
The author of Silex and the City and 50 Nuances de Grecs, Jul has also published the comic strip Coloc of Duty, Génération Greta, featuring the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The students then imagined their own comic strip on the SDGs.

Jul presents his work to the eco-representatives

In the afternoon, they embarked on their first brainstorming session on the future roadmap for our schools.
The students were divided into 5 commissions:

  • Food
  • Energy / water
  • Transport
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Equality – Solidarity – Well-being

To round off the day’s work, the French Ambassador to Norway, Madame Robine, addressed the students. She recognized a fine civic initiative, and hailed “a concrete action in search of innovative solutions”. The delegations of eco-delegates then each gave an investiture speech, renewing their vows of determination for the climate and their joy at taking part in Coope here in Oslo.

Madame Robine, French Ambassador to Norway, gives a speech at the launch of Coope 24 at the Lycée Français d’Oslo.

The day ended with a well-deserved vegetarian aperitif!

Day 2: Visit to the Nobel Peace Prize Center and brainstorming session

The second day began with a visit to the Nobel Peace Prize Center and Oslo City Hall, where students immersed themselves in the history of this prestigious prize. The afternoon was devoted to committee work, with a clear objective: to make progress before the second part of the COOPE in Copenhagen in April.

Day 3: Fram visit, conclusion and outlook

The COOPE 24 ended with a visit to the Fram Museum in the morning, followed by in-depth discussions on the commissions. The eco-representatives developed concrete ideas for promoting solidarity and equality, raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging biodiversity projects. In April, in Copenhagen, they will finalize a roadmap for AEFE schools in North-West Europe and Scandinavia.