Ambassadeurs en Herbe zone final

Friday, April 12th saw the final of the Ambassadeurs en Herbe competition for the North-West Europe / Scandinavia zone!
In this Olympic year, the theme was “1924-2024, The Olympic and Paralympic Games: a unifying, inclusive and sustainable event?”
The Ambassadeur en herbe project is an AEFE initiative aimed at developing students’ oratory skills. This includes work on argumentation, fueled by documented research, readings and exchanges of ideas, as well as work on public speaking, taking into account non-verbal communication and voice modulations for effective expression.
The final at the LFO was attended by members from schools in Helsinki, Brussels, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.

Here are the winners:

  • Cycle 3 : Axel – BRUXELLES
  • Cycle 4 : Siméon – AMSTERDAM
  • Lycée : André – BRUXELLES
  • Groupe EFE : Chloé et Bruno – LUXEMBOURG
  • Groupe LabelFrancEducation : Sofia, Emilia et Iivari – HELSINKI

Well done to all and good luck for the World Final, the results of which will take place in October!